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6:49 PM

  Highway 99 in Canada is known as the Sea to Sky Highway. We took this from Vancouver to Whistler, and I kid you not, the view was absolutely breathtaking. It seemed like after each turn there was a waterfall or a viewing point to stop at.

  We didn't have much time on our hands to make it to every stop, so we chose two different points on the highway. Our first stop was Britannia Beach, which is located next to a mining museum. If time permitted, I would've asked my husband to go inside because it looked very interesting. In the 1800s, they discovered copper here, which led to the development of the Britannia Mining Company.  We parked our car in front of the museum store and then walked across the highway to an old railroad track that leads to the beach. My husband was able to fly our Mavic over the lake to capture the view, vlog to be completed soon. Just being by the water was a nice feeling, even if it wasn't for swimming.

  Our second stop was about a 10-minute drive north, to Shannon Falls. Shannon Falls is a 335-meter waterfall, ranking it the 3rd largest waterfall in Squamish, BC. This area is perfect for picnicking on your way up to Whistler because it has a large picnic area with tables and a restroom. The waterfall is very well maintained. There is a walking trail that goes up to the falls.

  On our way back down from Whistler, we stopped at Nairn Falls. This was when we were driving from Mount Currie to Whistler, so it's a bit more north. This was a 1.5-kilometer hike on a hiking trail alongside the Green River. To view the falls, there is a fenced platform that has a combination of rock and wood, which is extremely slippery, so approach it with caution. There's an area where you can view the river, and then a higher area to view the falls. Michael was able to fly the drone here, but we did it with caution because the wind was very strong where the falls were coming down.

  The drive to Whistler was about two hours. The weather was on our side that day because it was clear blue skies and minimum wind chill. I would recommend this drive, and I hope to go back and stop at more of the locations along it. I can't wait to see what my husband puts together for the Canada Vlog!

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